Liberals are locking themselves in cages to protest Trump’s racist immigration policies

Another strong form of protest conducted by passionate liberals

In a brave display of disdain for President Trump’s immigration and border policies, liberals are taking it upon themselves to lock themselves in cages until he either changes his immigration policies or is impeached entirely. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and stunning bravery to protest a policy in this fashion. This new trend is taking the nation by storm.

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We had the privilege of speaking with a protester from UC Irvine to get a quote regarding his efforts and his cause.

So many of us are fed up with Donald Trump’s racist and bigoted immigration policies. Children and babies are still locked in tiny cages. As long as President Trump’s racist policies are in place, we will stay locked in these cages in solidarity.

  • Andrew Cardigan, UC Santa Cruz

According to the protesters, allies from outside their cages bring them food and water as well as buckets and toilet paper to use as needed. Rain or sunshine, they say they will remain in their enclosures until change occurs.

These brave progressive protesters are setting a fantastic example. If more liberals and like-minded individuals follow in their footsteps, the nation would no doubt be a better place.


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