Kathy Griffin considers running for president in 2020

Another strong Democrat is about to enter the race

It’s no secret that liberals and progressives are bullied consistently at a high frequency and volume by the mainstream media. Some even say it is no longer safe to be a liberal in this country. Among the millions of victimized and bullied progressives, few celebrities have been bullied more than Kathy Griffin.

For this reason, we have heard from our inside sources that Kathy griffin is considering running for president in 2020. Her platform will be somewhere along the lines of – end the hatred towards progressives. This is a stunning, brave and totally unique message that has not been promoted before in America.

After Kathy griffin made a lighthearted family friendly joke on television by holding up a replica of a bloody severed head of Donald Trump, she has been relentlessly attacked by the right. It is simply unfair and uncalled for. Imagine the cheers of joy we will see throughout the country should Kathy Griffin beat Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

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Kathy Griffin has not made an official announcement yet, but when she does, the Democratic Party will no doubt have yet another immensely strong contender that will surely bring the conservatives to their knees. Time will only tell. Diversity is our strength.

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