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How to make a campus safe space – the progressive guide for college campuses

A comprehensive guide on making an effective safe space for universities

Safe spaces are rooms or facilities designated for individuals to occupy when they feel threatened or attacked. These safe spaces are free from hatred, bigotry, racism, conservative ideology, hate speech and intolerance. Additionally, it is important for these safe spaces to be comfortable and inviting for those who need it most. Since a safe space may be in demand at a moment’s notice, it’s important for these designated areas to be as prepared as possible.

The following is a guideline for making a safe space for a college campus.

Make sure there are plenty of pillows, blankets, chairs and tissue readily available because there is generally a tremendous amount of crying that happens in college safe spaces. It is important to make sure that the needs of the emotionally unstable are met.

Pillows and blankets are soft. Triggered college students need the most comfortable conditions in order to cope with their trauma.

If you decide to serve coffee or beverages in your safe space, it is a essential that you provide soy milk instead of regular milk or creamer. In fact, soy based products, beverages, and snacks are the best forms of nutrition or people who feel victimized by the patriarchy.

Always use soy milk. It’s chemical composition lets you be more in touch with your feelings.

Make sure you have a TV or a screen in the corner that continually plays content from MSNBC, CNN, or BuzzFeed news – which can all be streamed via YouTube.

Having news they agree with playing in the background for the entire duration of their stay will allow them to leave the safe space more prepared.

It is also essential that you have and assortment of coloring books, baby rattles, blocks and pacifiers available on demand. You can purchase these items in the baby section of a nearby department store or on Amazon.

The vast majority of supplies necessary for an effective college safe space can be found in the baby section of almost any department store

It is additionally helpful to have displays and posters on the walls including, but not limited to: pictures of Obama, pictures of Bernie Sanders, pictures of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, rainbow flags and posters containing phrases like “diversity is our strength”.

Hearing opposing view points can be triggering and traumatic for those who are unable to or unwilling to have their own ideas challenged. College campuses are not known for having diversity of thought. It’s a common misconception that diversity means a diverse assortment of ideas – when in fact, they simply mean more people of color than white people. For this reason, college campuses are encouraged to designate and easy to access room to be the official university safe space for triggered students.

We hope this guide was helpful. Please leave us a comment below if you have any questions or concerns.

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