Millennials are getting the Bernie 2020 logo tattooed on their face as a brave show of support

A brave and stunning new trend among Bernie supporters is taking the internet by storm

Unless you have the time, money and resources to remove them, tattoos are permanent. That’s why it’s always recommended to be absolutely sure before one gets a tattoo – because tattoos are forever. Given that, there is a new trend taking the nation by storm. Millennials are getting the Bernie 2020 campaign logo tattooed on their face to show their backing for Bernie Sanders.

This is a fantastic way of showing unconditional support for a candidate who has his heart and mind set on the making our country better. The trend started by Kyle Clark from SFSU. After donating the entirety of his paycheck to the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign instead of paying rent that month, he used the tips he received that week as a barista at Chronos Coffeehouse to pay for the logo to be tattooed on his face.

Everything Bernie says and does is for the betterment of our country and our lives. He is the savior of our country, the savior of humanity and will be the savior of the world. My face tattoo of the Bernie 2020 campaign is just the first of many I will get. I got fired from my job because they don’t like the tattoo but that’s ok. Everything will be free when Bernie Sanders is elected.

  • Kyle Clark, SFSU

Many other millennial Bernie supporters took after his lead. In droves, thousands of people are lining up to get the Bernie 2020 logo tattooed on their face to display loudly and proudly how much they are on our side. If you are a liberal or a progressive who supports Bernie Sanders, we strongly recommend you get yourself a Bernie 2020 face tattoo so everyone know just where you stand on political issues. Diversity is our strength.

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