Alyssa Milano bravely comes out as a differently-abled FTM lesbian immigrant of color

Another brave progressive celebrity comes out with a secret reveal

Twitter was abuzz Friday evening after Alyssa Milano — actress, activist, healer, and radical intersectionalist poet — selflessly and bravely came out as a differently-abled FTM lesbian immigrant of color.

Ms. Mr. Milano’s tweet was well received by zir fans, who met zir personal disclosure with the tolerance and understanding characteristic of the progressive left. 

Unfortunately, with Twitter’s ideological purge of politically-incorrect viewpoints not yet complete, Mr. Milano was not without zir detractors, and ze soon found zirself the target of alt-right white-supremacist Internet trolls. 

The targeted harassment of protected minorities like Mr. Milano happens every day. JournalistsDemocrats, and greysexual novigenders in particular find themselves on the receiving end of hate speechmicroaggression, and toxic masculinity. Twitter is aware of the problem and has taken some rather stunning and brave measures to address it, but clearly more needs to be done to protect minorities like Mr. Milano from those who are a threat to left-wing ideologies. 

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Diversity is our strength, which is why anyone who would challenge someone as intersectional as Alyssa Milano (or Kathy Griffin) deserves to be deplatformed and possibly even consigned to some sort of federally-run reeducation camp. 

NPC Daily attempted to reach Mr. Milano for an interview, only to be told by zir agent that ze has now bravely chosen to identify as Hellen Keller.

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