LA bakery to offer discounts to marginalized groups

African Americans and women to receive the largest discounts

On March 20th, Marge Lawson of Ludwig’s Bakery in Downtown LA will offer certain discounts to certain customers. The intersectional group you belong to will determine your discount.

African Americans and women will get 40% off all purchases that day. Hispanics and Jews get 35% off. All people of the LGBTQAIP community will get 34% off. Furthermore, registered Republicans and conservatives will have to pay 20% extra on any cake, which makes sense. They are generally morally corrupt and greedy and not deserving of any discounted items.

Lawson came up with the discount numbers with her staff. When asked why African Americans and women get a bigger discount then someone in the LGBTQNAP community she answered,

We had a long meeting with a number of folks from local colleges and other oppression experts to figure out this complex formula for discounts. I really don’t understand the math but that is okay because I just bake cakes.

  • Marge Lawson

When questioned about how much a trump supporter would have to pay for cake that day she replied, “Oh My. They definitely won’t get a discount. In fact they will end up paying more. a lot more. And i hope they don’t wear that ugly red hat. Gross. “

This business doesn’t just talk the talk, they walk the walk and they put extra sugar on top. We can only hope that more businesses will develop a similar pricing system and not just on certain days but on all business days.

Kudos for this business for making the statement that our customers identity isn’t just important but it will affect your bill as well. Justice served with a smile.

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