#FireTuckerCarlson? If enough people tweet that out, he’ll quit!

In a bold move, this misogynist empowered us to remove him ourselves, using our most powerful tool: hashtags!

On Sunday, our SoroSystahs over at MediaMatters published a series of truly damning jokes from ten years ago to expose Tucker Carlson as the misogynist, rapist, troglodyte he was, and by that token, still is. He immediately rushed to defend himself, and dismissed all charges against him by saying people should “watch his show” if they “want to know what he thinks”, whatever thatmean.

So what did we do? We tweeted – and tweeted we did. We raised our smartphones in solidarity with the stunning, brave, women he targeted with his rapeologisms – Alexis Stewart, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton must be protected, by any means necessary!

So what happened later that would shock the world is an amazing admission of defeat, and a call to action: tweet #FireTuckerCarlson 7,451,038 times, and he’ll quit, and do a little more!

Now some brave systyrs were bold enough to point out he wasn’t very specific. Of course we don’t have to get you fired, even though we really want to, and it’s something to do between freebleeding sessions. That doesn’t mean you’ll do anything!

So Tucker doubled down, and clarified not an hour later.

There you have it – if you want a victory for the whyly systyrhxxd, all you have to do is Tweet #FireTuckerCarlson. From the cafes of Berkeley to the villages in Iraq, all of the world’s women are with you – except those sellout, harpy, cunts working for FoxWarsBart, but they’re barely even women anymore. Think of it like a fundraising goal, or an online petition. Let’s stand up by sitting down, and get this done, so that Fox News can finally be…

… oh, right.

NPC Contributor

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