Pro-choice advocates conduct several abortion services in public park ​

A brave act of protest to remove stigma from abortions

Many staggering acts of liberal progressiveness, members of the California Choice for Women put on a controversial yet moving act of protest against narrow-minded Pro-life organizations. At Crossroads Park outside San Francisco State University, trained medical professionals from the
California Choice for Women organization offered free abortions for women in the area who no longer wished to be afflicted with pregnancy.

The brave and stunning organization put on the event which drew sponsorships from local companies and businesses for the support of the cause. The event lasted eight hours and the organization performed a staggering 87 abortions – and one of them was a case of twins!

Over half the attendees were diagnosed on the spot with complications to the mother’s body due to pregnancy. To speed up the process, each diagnostician fast tracked the consultations and were able to systemically diagnose multiple women at the same time with just enough pregnancy complications to justify an abortion citing the newly passed laws in New York.

This event was a great success! Women should not be ashamed to get abortions. They should be celebrated and next year we hope to break our record.

  • Sandra Cummings, associate for California Choice for Women

Brave liberal organizations like California Choice for Women are the progressive gears that move America in the right direction. By staging public abortions, it removes the stigma behind the otherwise controversial medical procedure. With any luck and a little promotion, California Choice for Women can make this event a manual occurrence.


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