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“I will continue to cheat on my husband with a different guy every week until Trump is removed from office”

More and more women are fighting against the Trump administration at its source - their husbands

As we know, the Trump presidency has been destroying marriages and families across the nation. It isn’t hard to imagine how this could be given the fact that Trump is a racist misogynistic bigoted nationalist who prides himself in his disturbing ability to harass women and people of color.

Men in America have a stronger tendency to vote for Conservatives as opposed to women. Because of this, we have no one to blame for the Trump administration but straight white men. Therefore, an increasing number of marriages are breaking apart from the foundation simply because women find it hard to stay with a man who is among the same gender identity as those who elected Trump in the first place.

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We had the privilege to talk with Kendra Prescilla regarding her marriage and how she has a person affected and victimized by the Trump presidency.

Men are to blame for Trump being an office. I married my husband four years ago but even though he didn’t vote for Trump himself, there are other men who did. For this reason, I feel no guilt in cheating on my husband until Trump gets impeached.

  • Kendra Prescilla, 31, Nebraska California

It is brave and stunning how liberal women have the pride and courage to stand up to man and not let their sexist policies get in the way of achieving what they really want. In theory, the more women cheat on their husbands, the less likely men are to vote for Donald Trump in 2020. Something to think about.

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