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High school seniors selling drugs to raise money for Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign ​

Young teens going to extreme measures to fund raise for Bernie Sanders

It’s no secret that our economy is essentially ruined – and the vast majority of blame can easily be placed on Donald Trump. The current state of our economy has rendered youth unemployment at its highest it has ever been. Because of this, high school seniors and college students are unable to find jobs to pay for their basic needs. Therefore, if a high school student wants to donate to the Bernie Sanders campaign, what choice does he or she have?

At North Arbon High in California, 37 students were held in custody because they got caught selling marijuana to other students on campus. After seeing so many of them suddenly engaging in this sort of activity, we noticed a staggering pattern. Every single one of them was selling drugs with full intent to raise money for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

I believe in Bernie Sanders’ message so much that I was willing to put my future on the line to raise some money for his campaign. I have no regrets and once I get out of juvenile hall, I will most certainly do this again.

  • Erik Castillo, senior at North Arbon High

We at NPC Daily do not condone drug use or drug dealing. However, this goes to show the desperation the young Americans have in this country to change the course of our nation’s history.

Currently, the majority of these arrested students will be facing between one month and six months in a variety of juvenile detention centers. Oddly enough, they will be hit with fines that will far exceed the amount that they made which would be otherwise donated to the Bernie Sanders campaign.

This attempt by these high school students to fund raise for Bernie’s campaign didn’t pan out the way most of them had hoped. Selling drugs is never the answer. That’s why an associate of NPC Daily, Jared Michelle, will be speaking to these students at North Arbon High about alternative ways to raise money more effectively for a cause they believe in.

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