It’s time to admit that St. Patrick’s day is a hate crime riddled with cultural appropriation

Anyone caught celebrating St. Patrick's day in any form should be ashamed of themselves

St. Patrick’s day, or as we like to refer to it – Irish Cultural Appropriation Day – is one of the most vile excuses for an American abuse of foreign history imaginable. The concept of leprechauns is racist and bigoted. Four leaf clovers are hateful, triggering and wrong. Drinking green beer is intolerant and pretending to be Irish – a historically oppressed people – is morally reprehensible.

Liberals are lining up, rushing, shoving one another in a frenzy to the nearest safe space because of how hurt they are that another culture is so casually abused. Let’s make one thing clear – cultural appropriation is wrong, and the systemic marketing of this reprehensible trend is horrifying.

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If you don’t wear green, you will get pinched? Excuse me? Not only are you violently appropriating another culture whilst their historical ancestors cry in their graves, you’re now advocating sexual assault if someone opts to not take part in this hedonistic holiday?! If someone threatens to pinch you or come anywhere near you simply because you aren’t wearing green on this Americanized shameful day, stand your ground. No one has the right to touch you without your consent, regardless of whatever customs they choose to adhere to based on societal norms.

St. Patrick’s Day is offensive, plain and simple. Don’t celebrate it. Don’t advocate for it. Don’t even look at anything green. The only green any self respecting liberal should focus on is the Green New Deal. Diversity is our strength.


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