J.K. Rowling reveals that Ron Weasley was transgender the whole time

The Harry Potter universe just gets better and better with every new revelation

The Harry Potter universe is one of the most classically inclusive fictional worlds conceived in modern time. The world is so diverse that it has the ability to retroactively change with the times. It started with every character (except for a small handful) being straight white cisgendered individuals of British descent. Now, the same exact story has a homosexual headmaster, a variety of races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, fetishes and traditions – even ranging to one of the main characters, Hermione Granger, could have very well been African American the entire time and no one noticed before!

The big question, of course, would be – how could anyone know the true identities of these characters? Considering the movies have been produced and concluded almost a decade ago, could the movies have truly been so wrong and misguided? J.K. Rowling confirms – yes.

Apparently, Ron Weasley was a transgender character from the very beginning. We’ve grown to know and love Ron Weasley without knowing of his gender identity – which just goes to show that a person is a person regardless of which gender they identify.

Time and time again, she continues blows our mind with new information about a story she concluded decades ago. That’s why you should never judge a book by what it says – instead, one should judge a book by what the author proclaims after writing it. Only then will the real story be revealed.

Stay tuned – Was Dobby actually a Muslim all this time? The answer will blow you away!


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