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“I’m trying to get wealthy from my degree in gender studies but conservatives won’t give me their money”

Income inequality unfairly targeting those with liberal arts majors

Income inequality has only gotten worse over the past century in America, and it’s all due to the greed of conservatives and Republicans. Our founding fathers wanted equality for all – and that means every American should receive at least a living wage from any job they have.

So why isn’t this the case with students who attend a four year university and graduate with a degree in gender studies, philosophy, English literature or another form of liberal arts? The answer is simple: because conservatives are hogging all of the wealth.

More and more liberals are running into this issue upon graduating from college. They are promised happiness and prosperity after they get their degree in whatever they are passionate in. They take out massive student loans believing full well that they will be able to pay it back with ease. So, naturally, when one picks a major revolving around a topic in which they’ve grown interest, why are so many of them not having the lives they were promised?

I just graduated from UC Davis with a degree in gender studies that I worked hard for. It was difficult and expensive but I did it. I’m trying to get wealthy from my degree in gender studies but conservatives won’t give me their money! If our country was a socialist nation like our founding fathers wanted, I would be rich!

  • Tucker McFloy, 22, UC Davis Graduate

Conservatives don’t like progressive liberal ideas. In turn, they don’t like liberal majors like gender studies or philosophy. Their negligence in purposely not giving money to graduates holding these degrees is reprehensible. This is why we need to vote blue in 2020. Everyone will have everything for free and income inequality will vanish forever. Diversity is our strength.

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