Study finds electoral fraud and vote rigging are the hallmarks of a healthy democracy

Billionaire George Soros praises the progressive think tank, Center for American Progress, for "Confirming beyond doubt what responsible citizens already knew."

In a scientific study spanning 231 years, the George Soros funded Center for American Progress concluded that the only way to hold a fair election is to ensure mechanisms exists to allow massive electoral fraud.

“It’s the only way to be sure elections are truly impartial and representative,” said Jeffery Markos, the lead social scientist who managed the study.

Markos cited a recent study of U.S. census data that reflected 3.5 Million more registered voters than live adults. “This might seem like a red flag to your run of the mill cis-gendered soccer mom,” Markos said, “but we found that these 3.5 million votes are only a tiny fraction of the disenfranchised voting population.”

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The Center for American Progress study found that every fraudulent vote counts as a ballot for those who do not have suffrage rights—illegal immigrants, felons, people under the age of 18, non-citizens, and many others.

“Take dead people, for instance,” Markos said. “Who are we to disenfranchise this group? They paid their taxes, and some of them even died serving their country. Are we so noble that we can make their decision for them? Dead votes matter.”

Markos also cited the outdated practice of journalists having only a single vote. “Surely,” Markos exclaimed, “some people’s votes count more than others by virtue of their education and general enlightenment.”

NPC Daily contacted George Soros, the sponsor of this study, for comment. “This is what I’ve been saying for decades,” Soros said. “Electoral fraud is simply giving a voice for those who would have voted in Socialism anyway. The more fraud you have, the healthier you are.”

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