Trump’s climate denial policies caused Spring to arrive one day earlier this year

Trump's dangerous climate denial policies has brought us one day closer to destruction.

Year after year, Spring starts at the Spring equinox which is always on March 21st. The equinox is when there is exactly the same amount of daylight as there is night and because of this, temperatures start to warm up around the northern hemisphere.

Because of Trump’s dangerous climate denial policies that were put into place immediately after his inauguration, our planet has been reaping the consequences. The domino effect of his climate ignorance, pulling out of the successful Paris Climate Agreement and giving more free passes to fossil fuel and oil industries has heated up the planet so much that Spring has officially started on March 20th instead of March 21st this year.

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That’s right – because of Trump’s policies, our planet has heated up so much that it has shifted an entire season to a full day earlier. How long will we let this science denier maintain his position in office? We must impeach President Trump immediately before it’s too late!


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