Numbers don’t lie – Effeminate liberal men are simply more desirable to women than strong masculine men

It's time to admit that "masculinity" is no longer a desirable trait in men

According to a study where 40 women from the UC Irvine chapter of
California Choice for Women, 82% of them said they preferred effeminate men as opposed to masculine men. This lines up perfectly with a previous study on which we reported called New study says women prefer low testosterone effeminate liberal men to muscular confident alpha males. The numbers don’t lie – muscles, strength, confidence, chivalry and charismatic are no match for what women really want in this country – pale, thin, weak and quiet.

Furthermore, the political and cultural views of men are of utmost importance to women as well. According to the sample size in this study, conservative viewpoints are seen as bigoted and racist. Liberal worldviews and mindsets within the male population are seen as brave and stunning.

Between a Chris Pratt and a Michael Cera, I’ll pick Michael Cera any day of the week. Just because Chris Pratt is a strong, muscular masculine man with abs, a chiseled jawline and smile most basic b*tches would swoon over, doesn’t mean he’s attractive. No. I want my men to be thin and pale with patchy facial hair, acne and poor eye sight.

  • Justine Wombleton, 22, UC Irvine

This sample size of 40 women from members of a feminist women’s only organization in a liberal university is a pretty good representation of all women in America. If 82% of women in America prefer beta males free of toxic masculinity who shave with Gillette whenever their patchy facial hair reveals itself, why are so many men striving for physical fitness and charismatic traits?

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It’s 2019 and it’s time for men to step off their high horse and their pedestal. Women don’t want strong muscular men anymore. This isn’t the 80s. This is the future of America, and the beta males are in the lead.

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