House Democrats propose bill to lower voting age to nine

Voter suppression based on age must end

Nancy Pelosi says that she would consider lowering the voting age to 16 – yet some Democrats in congress are saying that 16 is still discriminating against some children who, by no fault of their own, are not yet 16 yet. This is ageism at it’s most extreme.

… by the age of 9. like you should be able to vote. I mean, you are like almost old enough to pay taxes and stuff. Give them that right. We will just pay for it.

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Christine Sanders, a schoolteacher in New Jersey, stated that allowing 9 year olds to vote is the next logical step in our democracy.

“Blacks, women and now little kids should be a part of our political process.
They just need a ride to the polling place. No big deal.”

Senate GOP members and Trump predictably opposed this measure because, in their words, “we don’t want anyone voting. Ever.” Stay tuned as more details develop.

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