Trouble in the Democratic party – is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez secretly a white supremacist?

Tensions rise in the Democratic party as evidence surfaces that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez may have secretly been a white supremacist all along

In a stunning revelation, a photo surfaced from deep within AOC’s Instagram feed from 2013 of her flashing the white power “OK” hand gesture – the very gesture made by white supremacists, Trump and alt-right trolls in order to instill fear and hatred.

The link to the actual Instagram post can be found here

What does this mean? Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez actually a white nationalist? Is she secretly working with Trump and his administration in order to push a conservative agenda? Can anything she says at all be believed at face value anymore? If AOC is indeed a white nationalist, can she really be trusted as the saving grace of America?

Keep in mind, she isn’t the only Democrat to show signs of white supremacy. Nancy Pelosi has also been criticized for both her white power salute as well as her unwillingness to follow through with any impeachment measures against Trump.

Nancy Pelosi flashing the white power gesture

Furthermore, Beto O’Rourke has been caught flashing the white power hand gesture as well. Though he is by far the most threatening and capable Democratic candidate to date, this blatant display of white nationalism is problematic for the entire Democratic party.

The Thanos of the Democratic party flashing the white supremacy gesture – caught on camera.

Many fans of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are distressed and seeking therapy after her photo emerges. Riots are breaking out on the streets of Washington DC from people who don’t know what to make of the picture.

Riots in Washington DC after image emerges of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez flashing “white power” hand gesture.

NPC Daily will keep you posted as more details develop. We can only hope that this won’t tear apart the progressive liberal base. Conservatives and Republicans will not wait long before pouncing on the opportunity to spin this in their favor. We must stay united no matter what. Diversity is our strength.


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