Just because there is no evidence of Russian collusion doesn’t mean Russian collusion didn’t happen

It's obvious that Russian collusion happened even though the Mueller report doesn't show it

What Republicans and conservatives refuse to acknowledge is the fact that just because there is no evidence of collusion doesn’t mean collusion didn’t happen. It’s a sort of laughable lack of self-awareness and delusion that has swept over the minds of those on the right. We know that there was collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in 2016. How else would he have won? Fair and square? Spare me.

So the Mueller report turned out to show no “evidence” of collusion. So what? Are we really going to trust a source that was so clearly compromised by the Russians to begin with? It would do conservatives a world of good to step out of their echo chamber for once and actually face the fact that yes, Donald Trump and his presidential campaign did in fact illegally collude with Russia in order to overthrow our Democracy.

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It’s what Putin wanted and it’s what Trump wanted. The evidence is right there, clear as day. Trump and Putin were working together for years and it culminated in Trump winning the 2016 election against the most qualified and clean candidate in American history – Hillary Clinton. This could have only happened with the help of Russia and no one else.

Anyone who denies the reality of the Trump/Russia collusion is simply a racist who hates women and Mexicans. This is why we need to vote blue in 2020 so we can undo the mess Russia put us in. Diversity is our strength.

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