The Green New Deal didn’t pass the senate because of Russian interference

The Russians will stop at nothing to destroy our country

In an unprecedented and completely unanticipated turn of events, the Green New Deal did not pass in the senate vote. As of right now, the Green New Deal is not advancing but that leaves one tough question – how? The Green New Deal is one of the most progressive and logic-based plans ever proposed by a sitting congressperson. So how could it have actually been voted down? The answer is simple.

The Russians. It’s the 2016 election all over again and the results are dripping with Russian interference. The Kremlin is directly responsible for electing Trump by hacking our Democracy, the Russians influenced, colluded and hacked the Mueller report which is why it shows no evidence of “collusion” itself – it almost made the Green New Deal’s roadblock all the more predictable.

The Russians are interfering with our Democracy and have been for decades. How long will we stand by as we let a foreign nation illegally tamper in American institutions? That’s why the Green New Deal should pass anyway, regardless of whether or not it received enough votes in the senate. Nothing is a bigger slap in the face to Russia than AOC’s plan passing congress despite their efforts to shut it down.

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The Green New Deal may have hit its first stumbling block but it will take a lot more than Putin, Trump and the rest of the conservatives to shoot it down. Diversity is our strength.


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