Proof That Stricter Gun Laws Stop Criminals From Obtaining Guns

Many right wing proponents claim that the 2nd amendment somehow allows individuals to protect themselves against armed robbers, assailants or other criminals. This is simply not true. It is human nature to obey rules and laws. By extension, gun free zones are among the safest places to be. No guns equals zero possibility of getting shot with a gun. As demonstrated by the case in South Arbon, California. A would-be armed robber gave his testimony.

I’ll be honest. I’ve been through some sh** and I was at a breaking point. I walked onto the campus of South Arbon State University with every intention of killing a bunch of motherf**ers. I had my assault revolver and everything. However, I noticed that it was indeed a gun free zone. Well… guns aren’t allowed in gun free zones so naturally, I turned away. Later on, I cooled off and became less upset at the world. Thanks to that sign that said “This is a gun free zone,” a few hundred lives were saved.

– Nathan Hoss

People don’t kill people. Guns kill people. We all know that. Furthermore, since criminals want to kill people, if you take away their ability to get guns, they won’t kill anyone. The only way to have a completely safe society is to ban guns entirely. As demonstrated by the FBI Statistics of Armed Registrants 2016, most people who own guns have every intention of killing someone at one point in time or another. Furthermore, the families of gun owners admit to feeling 79% less safe than families who do not own firearms.

The numbers are in. The case is closed. Why the NRA hasn’t picked up on this is completely baffling. We can only look forward to the day that Trump gets impeached and a Democrat comes into office and bans all firearms.



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