Climate Change

The Greenland ice sheets are growing again because of President Obama

Obama's progressive climate change policies are the reason global warming is slowing down

In a stunning turn of events, NASA just announced the the Greenland ice sheets and glaciers are actually growing. Though melting is still happening in certain areas, overall the amount of ice is increasing around the northern land mass. This is happening despite Donald Trump’s refusal to accept the reality of climate change.

This can only mean one thing – former president Barack Obama is solely responsible for the increase of glacial ice accruing in Greenland. Obama was steadfast in his progressive policies to combat climate change. Any positive change that happens in the Earth’s atmosphere or the planets polar ice caps can be directly attributed to Obama.

Similar to how every rises in the stock market can also be attributed to Barack Obama while downfalls can only be blamed on Trump, the same goes for climate change. Extremely hot summers and deadly polar vortexes in the winter? This is clearly due to Trump and his negligent policies on climate change. Moderate temperatures and a decrease in carbon emissions overall? All Obama.

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It’s important to interpret the data correctly and without bias. That means it’s imperative to understand that anything bad that happens anywhere at all can be attributed to Trump, while anything good that happens can only be attributed to either Barack Obama or progressive liberals.

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