It’s time to restrict the internet usage of white people

Technological justice requires keeping the white internet in check

26-Year-old Diamond Foster, an elementary school teacher from Corpus Christi, Texas opens her Facebook app to post an article from Buzzfeed about the growing threat of white supremacy in our country. Along with the usual comments, thumbs up and wow reacts from her friends and family, there comes a trickle of racist comments from people questioning the sources on the article. That trickle soon turns into a torrent of outright hate and violence.

Diamond says this is becoming more and more of a problem. People are disagreeing with the factual articles she posts that point out how all white people are racist. She goes on to say that people questioning the accuracy of these articles are white. They will say things like “not all white people” or “The SPLC publishes inaccurate information.” She has even had Nazis posting on her wall claiming that “It’s OK to be white.” Diamond goes on to say “It’s about time someone did something about these white supremacists. I believe there should be a black internet and a white internet.”

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Diamond isn’t the only one that thinks this would be a viable solution to all the hate speech black people are subjected to day in and day out by white folks. Dr. Marvin Hill of Howard University’s African American Studies Department would take it a step further. Dr. Hill believes that not only should we have a black and white internet, but we should also severely restrict white people’s usage of the internet. Dr. Hill says, “We should reduce the amount of information, the amount of time and internet speed of the white internet.” He goes on to say, “For too many years, black people have had to struggle with inferior technology and access to the internet. It is time to level the playing field so that we have an equitable outcome for black people in The United States.”

While white supremacists may find these ideas unpalatable, we did see a large number of white allies on college campuses and metropolitan coffee houses that think this is an idea whose time has come. Equality and justice are not just handed to people. There must be sacrifices made by the people who have traditionally benefited from privilege. Restricting white people’s usage of the internet could potentially be just one part of an entire reparations package. Let’s hope that our politicians are brave enough to sponsor legislation that will make this much-needed policy a reality.

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