5 reasons why calling your unaborted fetus a “baby” is hate speech

It's time to stop mislabeling fetuses and recognize hate speech when it's said

1 – It shames people with vaginas for having abortions.

Calling your unaborted-fetus a baby deligitimizes other choices. Just Because you decided to carry your fetus to term does not make you or the fetus better than others who make the choice not to!

2 – It shames people without vaginas.

How do you think it makes a trans woman feel when you tell them you are pregnant with a baby? Your cisnormativity blinds you to how hateful and shaming that language is. Just say you have an “unaborted-fetus” or a “clump of cells” so our trans allies don’t feel excluded.

3 – Patriarchy

Cisgender heterosexual white males view women as baby factories already. Using the word baby empowers them to oppress women. Flip the script on them and take the power back. “I’m not a baby factory that is just a parasite I haven’t had treated yet due to the lack of universal healthcare.”

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4 – Privilege

Using dog whistles like “baby” plays into white male privilege. First you are pregnant with a baby, then they will ask “is it a boy or girl”, then “who is the father”. The list goes on. All of this is traumatic; do not play into the game. When a friend or family asks these questions yell, “It is an unaborted-fetus, without a gender identity, and assuming there is a “father” is both homo- and transphobic.”

5 – Trump

We all know who is really responsible for this hate speech. Donald J. Trump. All of his abused wives suffered the indignity of this Nazi calling their offspring “babies”. Resist drumpf Resist hate speach. Next time you see a “MAGA” hat hold up your unaborted-fetus and scream “this is not a baby!”

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