Climate Change

Why raising taxes is the only way to combat climate change and gender inequality

The higher the taxes, the better off we'll be.

If there’s one thing that conservatives and bigoted Republicans hate, it’s taxes. What they fail to realize is that taxes are the only thing that can help everyone in the country. Without taxes, there would be no roads, no schools, no medicare for all, no student loans and no government aid. There’s only one reason why conservatives hate government aid – and it’s because they hate people of color.

That’s why we must fight against conservative values tooth and nail and do everything we can to make sure taxes are raised as high as possible. The higher the taxes, the better off we will be. More taxes equal cleaner air and the end to climate change. Higher taxes means more opportunity for people on US soil. More government control and handouts means more freedom.

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Gender inequality is a problem because we know it is. It’s obvious and since it’s a problem, we need to raise taxes. How do we raise taxes? By voting blue no matter who. It should be every liberal and progressive’s mission in America to do everything in our power to make taxes are raised at every turn.

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