Brave liberals push to make it easier for innocent MS-13 members to cross our southern border

It's time to admit that it's racist to be against MS-13

Among things that Trump and other bigoted conservatives hate more than anything are minorities and people of color. Just because someone is non-white doesn’t mean they are inherently dangerous. By extension, just because an individual is a direct member of MS-13, doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be allowed in our country. To say otherwise is simply racist.

Members of the MS-13 club are simply Hispanic individuals who are looking for work and opportunities not unlike many Americans in our own country. So to slander the entire organization based solely on the crimes of a few is disheartening. That’s why liberals from across the country have banded together to raise money to help individuals with direct association with MS-13 cross over onto American soil.

It takes great courage to stand up to your friends – which is why these liberal activists in UC Irvine are standing up to their local congresspeople to raise money for MS-13 members and provide them shelter, food, supplies and trade route for their extra curricular activities of choice. Once every member of MS-13 is here on American soil, only then can we begin to call America a better place.


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