It’s time to admit that NASA’s “Black Hole Picture” is racist and problematic

Anyone who shares the black hole picture is guilty by association

You may have heard that history was made today with the first real picture of a black hole billions of miles away. NASA and scientists from around the world are celebrating this supposed monumental milestone in space photography but they seem to be missing one glaring detail – it’s racist.

Think about it – the only picture of a black hole they have is a dark, small and blurry circle. What is NASA trying to tell us? Clearly, they’re trying to tell us they hate black people and people of color. If the didn’t, the picture would be sharp, crisp, clear and light. Their intrinsic bias has been revealed clear as day as they were simply satisfied with the representation of oppression and slavery.

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The whole concept of “black holes” are racist to begin with. “Black” – the color of an discriminated people, historically back-lashed and shunned across all cultures. “Hole” – a representation of a bleak future, financial burden, a drain on society. Referring to anything – even a cosmic entity – as a “black hole” is just a slap in the face to the African American ethnicity.

That black hole picture is such an emblematic representation of white nationalism and white supremacy that anyone who shares it, including top scientists, are taking part in hate speech and should be dealt with appropriately. That’s why we need to raise taxes and vote blue. Furthermore, this is why black holes should rightfully be referred to as “holes of color.”


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