It’s time to admit that Candace Owens is an alt-right white supremacist

Candace Owens proves once again that you don't need to be white to be a white supremacist

Candace Owens is an alt-right white supremacist literal Nazi bigot. The fact that Democratic Representative Ted Lieu innocently misinterpreted a remark she recently made about Donald Trump’s ideological predecessor should by no means be used to distract from the fact that Candace Owens was responsible for uttering the most racist, disgusting, deplorable, racist, gaslighting lie that has every sprung from the mouth of any race and gender traitor — the idea that black people don’t have to vote for Democrats.

READ: It’s time to admit that you don’t need to be “white” to be a white supremacist

Abraham Lincoln — who was technically a Democrat on account of the party switch — did not sign the 18th Amendment into law so that black people could vote for Republicans.

Candace Owens’s lack of respect for her Democratic handlers is demonstrative not only of her being a white supremacist, but of her belief that slavery never should have ended. If Owens had her way, black people would NOT be free to vote for Democrats, and that’s a BAD thing.

Voter ID laws are racist because as we all know, POCs have no access to ID cards

The Democratic Party is the party of anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-cisnormativity, and anti-fa, and the only alternative to voting Democrat is to vote for racist, sexist, transphobic, fascist Republicans.

The only way to defeat the rising tide of right-wing bigotry is to wash it away with a blue wave in 2020. Which is why it is imperative to Vote Blue No Matter Who. Even if this means voting for Creepy Joe Biden.

Diversity is our strength.

Jared Michelle

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