Facebooks plan to ban all white supremacist content in the name of free speech

A progressive move from the social media giant to fight for equality

Facebook recently announced a site-wide ban on all white supremacist content – which means anyone caught posting any white nationalist, white separatist, or white apologist rhetoric will be permanently suspended, and all of their harvested personal data (including private messages) will be forwarded on to the other social media sites so that the deplatforming can be complete.

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As one of the toughest critics of fascism, bigotry, and white people in general, NPC Daily applauds this progressive measure yet recognizes that this is only the first step towards wiping hateful and intolerant ideas from social media and making the Internet a safe space for everybody. (Or at least for everybody who isn’t a Nazi.)

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Banning racist rhetoric is simply not enough — not when racists have the option of going back through their Facebook history and deleting racist posts. No, Facebook needs to take more inclusive measures, which means deleting accounts of white supremacists even if they aren’t actually expressing any white supremacist views.

One of the inherent problems with ideological purges is that it isn’t always easy to tell the people who hold the correct opinions apart from those who don’t. Purging the accounts of well-known white supremacists like Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, and Candace Owens may seem like the obvious next step, but to do so would only put the other right-wingers on alert. Which is why notable Nazis should be permitted to retain their accounts until the Facebook Safety Team has managed to pick off the last of their fascist followers.

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Now, one might arguably find just cause to follow a white nationalist account or two. After all, at the very heart of the #Resistance are brave tweeters like Alyssa Milano and the Krassenstein sisters who stand ready to #resist every one of the white house occupier’s tweets with pre-loaded messages of their own. But to be following three or more white nationalist accounts is a definite indicator of white nationalism.

As recently demonstrated by award-winning journalist Dustin Levitt of Bos Broadcasting, if someone wasn’t already a Nazi when they began following white supremacist accounts, it won’t take long for the alt-right mindset to kick in. Which is why any inquiry into what right-wingers actually believe is best left to professional investigative reporters like Mr. Levitt, Rachel Maddow, Brian Stelter, and Neville Percival Croft.

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Diversity is our strength, yet true diversity can only be achieved after we have de-normalized whiteness using the same techniques by which we are actively combating cisnormativity and heteronormativity. As with cisgenderism and heterosexuality, being white does not place one in any protected category. This is because white is not actually a color, but the complete absence of color. Hence why measures designed to protect people from race-based discrimination do not apply to white people.

Someday the Internet will be made a safe space for persons of all skin colors, gender identities, and sexual persuasions. Someday we will pack the courts with enough judges to abolish the First Amendment, which will finally allow us to criminalize hate speech. Someday National Socialism will be completely eliminated in favor of Democratic Socialism.

The future looks bright.

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