Hate Crimes

The Honkley Meme is a symbol of white supremacy

And clown makeup is inherently racist

Despite what you may have heard from alt-right hate mongers like Tim Pool and Paul Joseph Watson, clowns are indeed a symbol of racism and white supremacy. And it’s not just that weird toad thing the SPLC-designated hate group Four Chan has named “Honkley” that’s the problem. No, clowns are inherently racist, as evidenced by how they commonly paint their faces WHITE rather than black, dark brown, medium brown, or any other color.

The rainbow wig is the new white hood

  • Alyssa Milano 

White is the color of white supremacy. It is a color completely lacking in diversity.

To professional clowns such as Lil Lunchbox and Ouchy who were previously unaware of the inherent racism of clown makeup, NPC Daily implores you: Stop spreading racist tropes. Switch to darker, more intersectional makeup.

Diversity is our strength.

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