Robert Mueller may have been a Russian agent himself, new evidence suggests

It's the only explanation to the clearly false narrative we've been hearing of "no collusion"

In light of the disappointing news that the release of the full Muller report does not contain evidence sufficient enough to indict president Donald Trump, that doesn’t mean that Trump isn’t guilty of Russian collusion. In fact, this means the exact opposite.

As liberals and democrat voters, we know in our hearts that Trump colluded with Russia in order to hack the 2016 election. This is an undeniable fact so if evidence shows up pointing in another direction, we must only search harder to find ways that the evidence actually says what we already know. In this case, it’s the fact that Trump is a traitor to our country.

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Therefore it is only logical to come to the conclusion that Robert Mueller himself was a Russian agent conspiring along with Trump and Putin to hack the 2016 election this entire time. This entire investigation spanning over two years was all an act – an attempt to make Trump look innocent when we know deep down, he’s bad.

Stay tuned as more hard evidence becomes uncovered that guarantees to paint Trump in a bad light. Trump, Putin and Mueller can’t keep getting away with this. The truth will be revealed one way or another.

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