It’s time to admit that Facebook’s censorship of conservatives doesn’t go far enough

Banning conservatives on Facebook is only the first step in making the social network completely safe

Liberals rejoiced as true freedom of speech triumphed as social media giants like Facebook banned the dangerous voices of Paul Joseph Watson, InfoWars, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and others. In a brave move, Facebook removed the negatively influential pages of the aforementioned public figures because as we know, hateful speech is violence – and violence cannot be tolerated.

Though Facebook has now been made safer since these violent speakers have been removed, one cannot help but to wonder if this is the best Facebook can do to make their social network into the online safe space it’s setting out to be. After polling 100,000 die-hard liberals, we’ve come to the conclusion that Facebook’s censorship of conservative voices simply doesn’t go far enough.

Facebook should ban The Daily Wire next and anyone associated with it. Ben Shapiro, Michael Knowles, Andrew Klavan and that other guy with the bad video quality – all of them are dangerous and violent in their speech. Listening to them is the verbal equivalent of being beaten with clubs and sexually assaulted. It’s traumatizing. Anyone who shares their videos without condemning them should be banned as well.

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Furthermore, Facebook should ban Fox News for the same reason. As we know, Fox News is a mouthpiece for our bigot in chief “President” Donald Trump. Anything depicted on Fox News is, by default, hate speech and shouldn’t be tolerated. No one on Fox News should have a voice on Facebook’s platform of free speech.

Furthermore, Facebook should start banning these individuals by IP addresses so they can’t even look at Facebook if they tried. Why would we want hateful bigots looking at our safe space? Facebook shouldn’t allow the privilege of having fun on Facebook be allotted to people who hate gays, women and Mexicans. Having the wrong opinions is hateful.

Facebook should also team up with Apple and utilize their fingerprint scanner to associate fingerprints with blocked and banned figures. This can be used across multiple platforms to ensure that hateful alt-right white supremacists like Paul Joseph Watson, Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens will never have access to Facebook again from any device – even if they try to make a fake account under a different name.

Finally as a measure of absolute security, Facebook should team up with internet service providers from around the world to ban these individuals and organizations (and anyone who shares their content without condemning them) on an ISP level. This would assure full censorship and safety as liberal voices and ideas will be the only ones to prosper. Only then will we truly be free.

Facebook has taken bold and brave steps towards making their social network safe and the experiences of its users comfortable. Given that this is the first step, we are hopeful that Facebook will heed the suggestions of NPC Daily and take the censorship of conservative voices as seriously as they’re appearing to be.

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