“Minds.com” is an unfiltered alt-right nazi propaganda website and NPC Daily is infiltrating their network

Minds.com isn't as safe of a space as Facebook and Twitter. Use with caution.

In the wake of Facebook’s reasonable censorship step to make their network a safe place for liberal thoughts and ideas, alt-right alternatives to Facebook have become more popular over the past few months. One of the more popular Facebook alternatives is minds.com.

Minds.com is a so-called “free speech” haven similar to Gab but with even more Nazis and propaganda. White supremacists like Tim Pool who have been justifiably banned from a series of social media platforms has risen in the ranks of minds.com. For reasons like this, minds.com must be approached with caution – they do not have the same community standards as Facebook and therefore is not as safe space.

Unfortunately, many of these alt-right alternatives to safe social networks like Facebook and Twitter are popping up almost as a response to their supposed “free speech violations” – as if the white supremacists (like Candace Owens) who get banned from these platforms simply don’t understand how dangerous their speech is.

We at NPC Daily are infiltrating their site to gather intel on their white supremacist ways so we can always be one step ahead of their alt-right agendas. If you don’t have a minds.com account, you can make one easily with a username, password and phone number. We encourage you to follow our efforts and subscribe to NPC Daily on minds.com so you can stay up to date on NPC Daily activity should NPC Daily be shut down on Facebook (because of Trump and Russian bots).

Be careful on minds.com though – we as liberals do not have the strongest spines and require safe spaces almost at every turn throughout the day. There will be things on there you won’t like to see – such as conservatives and people who don’t identify as liberal. Use with caution.


The creator of NPC Daily. The mastermind behind the entire NPC Daily movement. Yes, this entire website is satire and not meant to be taken seriously. It's for fun. Chill. See "about" page for more details. Now that we got that taken care of, repeat after me: "Orange man the absolute worst."
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