How to use Sims 4 to run Antifa demo drills

A comprehensive guide to using Sims 4 to learn how to smash fash

What is an Antifa demo drill? This term refers to any time you need to practice with your comrades before an important Nazi event. You need to be ready for anything, to be prepared for anything, and to be willing to do whatever it takes to get your enemy to vacate the battlefield.

Antifa drills are fairly simple to run, but sometimes, when there is no space to work, it’s raining outside, or your comrades don’t have a way to get to the demo practice location, you may find that you need to train through more creative means. This is where the highly detailed, emotionally accurate Sims 4 comes in.

When it comes to demo drills, accuracy and emotion are the two key pieces that should be mastered. Before entering a dangerous space like a free speech rally, comrades must know their exits, their enemies, and most of all, themselves.

  • When building a space within the Sims universe, you will need some CC (custom content). This is necessary to build an accurate world, because we all must feel like our characters are ourselves, and it cannot be done without the proper clothing and hairstyles. Most vanilla content in the Sims is for preppy girls who subscribe to the cis lifestyle.
  • Create accurate enemy characters. Utilize the traits that would most likely be those of your enemy.
  • Make sure there are vegan food options on the lot. This will help you feel comfortable in an unfamiliar area.
  • When approaching an enemy, it is important to use the correct interactions. Would you really use a “funny introduction” on someone who wants you dead? Only use mean/mischief interactions. Now is not the time to be timid.
  • Sims 4 does not allow theft (unless you have the kleptomaniac trait), so keep that in mind when you need something. Try to find things on the lot that are free to sustain you. Battles can go on for much longer in the Sims due to the time difference.
  • Even in game, make sure you are using the correct pronouns for your comrades. There’s nothing worse than trying to get comfortable with a new situation and being misgendered.

Drilling at home in the safety of your own bedroom is a great way to get prepared for demos. Your antifa comrades want you to feel comfortable and confident when you walk up that hill with your megaphone and your flag poles, and Sims 4 is a great tool to get you on the right path to making our world a better place.

Stay safe, and fight back.

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Quinn Barton is a social activist and member of Boston Antifa since its inception in 2017. She spends most of her time as a freegan at local vegan restaurants and the rest at demos for social justice. During the hardest years of her life (the Trump election), Quinn discovered a passion for politics, which has since transcended into videography and writing for the esteemed Boston Antifa collaboration with Dustin Levitt, journalist advocate for Journalist Excellence Worldwide. This entire site is satire.

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