PewDiePie mispronounces ‘Heil’ in latest white supremacist dog whistle

Largest independent YouTube creator, exposes over 90 million underage children to Neo-Nazi propaganda. Labels it as 'innocent jokes'.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, better known online as PewDiepie has, once again, sparked controversy over coded Alt-right propaganda in latest YouTube video.

In his latest video, a supposed meme review about the upcoming movie ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’, Felix’s oppening line in Swedish. Which is subbed as ‘Hello Gamers!’ actually appears to be saying ‘Heil you Richard sparr’.

Richard Spar could be a code-word for Richard Spencer.- Tonya Martinez, Senior Professor of LGBT Inuit people’s studies at the California Institute of Technology, told the NPC Daily .- It is very concerning PewDiePie keeps getting away with these hateful messages, millions of nine year old children are on the brink of becoming white supremacists if we do not do anything anytime soon-.

Richard Spencer is a known white supremacist coiner of the term ‘Alt-Right’. Openly advocating for the creation of a white ethnostate and has, so far, advocating for the non violent replacement of people of colour all over traditionally ‘European white nations’ and White colonies all over the world. While PewDiePie had not had any direct collaboration with Spencer until now. Had, however been known for associating with Neo-Nazi pundit Ben Shapiro, as well for following controversial figures on Twitter like White supremacist Paul Joseph Watson, Alex Jones, Lauren Southern and Openly transphobic Jordan Peterson.

Kjellberg, is no stranger to controversies himself. The non-convicted hate criminal has, in the past, also used racial slurs during his live streams, and made fun of men who make a habit out of drinking Soylent. Which is yet another favorite topic among Neo-Nazi pundits, as they largely favour stereotypical and toxic views about masculinity in an open endorsement of misogyny.

Just last month, Kjellberg was once again, in the spotlight for receiving a shoutout by Christchurch shooter Brenton Tarrant who openly admitted receiving inspiration from PewDiePie’s popular meme ‘Subscribe to PewDiepie’ to commit his bidding. Fact from which, Felix continues to fully deny his clear responsibility for Tarrant’s actions.

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