Snapchat facing backlash for problematic transphobic gender swap filter

Liberals calling for boycott of sexist and bigoted social media app

As if the tech giant couldn’t get any more offensive with their blackface filter, KKK filter and faceswap filter that can be used with any picture of a face on your phone (including Trump himself), Snapchat rolled out an absolutely reprehensible filter that changes your face to look like the opposite gender. This is problematic and liberals are calling for a boycott.

Since this filter came out, there have been numerous straight white males who have taken it upon themselves to pretend to be transgender individuals for fun. Being transgender most certainly isn’t a fun experience and shouldn’t be treated as such a lighthearted gimmick for a couple of chuckles. Pretending to be someone you’re don’t actually identify as is called appropriation, and it’s wrong. It’s wrong when done culturally and in terms of gender identity.

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Many transgender individuals who have accidentally used this filter either saw what they would look like as the gender they aspired to be – or saw the gender the used to be. In both cases, trauma ensues. A transgender who hasn’t reached full “passing” yet would see that he or she isn’t good enough. A transgender who would see what they used to look like through this filter would trigger them.

Furthermore, there have been many cases of boys just reaching puberty who have been recording themselves taking part in inappropriate acts based on how stimulated they were by seeing a female version of themselves.

This Snapchat filter is in no way progressive and take us back at least 150 years as a society. It’s sexist, transphobic and If Trump wins in 2020, it will be largely due to blunders like this. If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we’re doomed to repeat them.

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