The top ten girlfriend unfriendly jobs for millennials

These professions are guaranteed to keep you single forever

The world of internet dating has made it pretty easy for almost everyone to generate at least a little bit on interest from the opposite sex. A photo-shopped photo here, a gentle massaging of our age there, and increasingly unbelievable list of interests and character traits – all can add up to at least a first date. Then, if you play your cards right, it can go on to something more serious, meeting the parents and maybe even the oppressive institution of marriage.

But, and it’s a big but, if you’re in a career that’s not really conducive to spending extended periods of time with a significant other, then you could find that it’s not just that trip up the aisle that’s elusive. Getting beyond that awkward first date could be too.

So if you’re starting out on the great world of work, or simply wondering why every Friday night’s spent in alone watching re-runs of Friends on TV, then our “Top Ten of Girlfriend Unfriendly Jobs for Millennials” could lead you away from the wrong path. We’re not making any promises, but if you steer clear of any of these careers it could spell romance for you and a lifetime of married bliss. You’re welcome!


Has there ever been a worse time to be a politician? Sure, most have them brought it upon themselves to such an extent that we’re all happy to blame them for things they probably haven’t even done. We’ve got our own problems over here and in the UK there’s the Brexit fiasco. The result is that women who used to be attracted by what Kissinger said was the greatest aphrodisiac of all – power – are likely to run a mile.


It’s an image that’s burned into our consciousness almost from birth. The dashing doctor who’s handsome, caring and always capable of pulling off the everyday miracle. It’s been reinforced over the years by the likes of George Clooney in ER but the reality is pretty different. Doctors are over-worked, over-tired and strangely reluctant to make a snap diagnosis on that niggling pain in the small of a loved one’s back. In short, if you’re a medic you don’t have time for a woman in your life.

Poker pro

The idea of being some kind of Cool Hand Luke is an appealing one, a card sharp genius who’s never happier than when revealing the winning hand in a hard-fought game of Texas Hold’em. But the endless travel between tournaments, late nights in dingy poker rooms and the diet that’s hardly likely to lead to an athletic figure mean that the closest you’re likely to get to a woman is when you’re picking up your chips from the casino cashier.

Car mechanic

On the plus side you’ll be able to offer to change a tire or a muffler or even do a little bit of bodywork repair. On the minus side, you’re likely to end up with hands ingrained with oil and dirt and need a gallon of aftershave to mask the unmistakable aroma of gasoline. So you’ll probably get the one response each time you try to get a date – “hit the road, Jack!”

IT expert

Similarly, it can be a handy skill to be able to sort out computer and networking issues with better suggestions than just the usual “have you tried turning it off and on again?” But there’s no getting way from the fact that IT experts have the popular image of being nerds who spend their spare time playing computer games surrounded by empty pizza boxes. It’s an image that you’ll struggle to overcome.


For all the romantic and mouth watering meals that your professional skills promise, there are two main drawbacks to this theory. The first is that when most couples are enjoying together time you’ll be slaving over a hot stove. Then, at the end of a long shift, the last thing you’ll feel like doing is preparing a lavish meal. So unless she’ll settle for a take-out it looks like you’ll be dining alone.

Relationship Counsellor

Just like people who suspect they might have underlying psychological issues might be wary about talking to a psychiatrist, hitching up with a relationship counselor is a big ask for anybody. Can any relationship stand up to the constant scrutiny and analysis of an expert. We think it’s unlikely that you’ll ever find out.

Wall Street Trader

“Greed is Good” was Gordon Gekko’s mantra in Oliver Stone’s 1987 film, Wall Street. Twenty years later Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street told a similar tale of excess. Even if a more PC approach may be prevailing today the long hours and testosterone-fueled atmosphere of the trading floor is still something of a turn off for many women whose idea of the perfect movie is more like Bridesmaids.

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