It’s time to admit that it’s hate speech to be against abortion

It's time to recognize pro-lifers as the hate group they are

It’s a dark day in American history as the progress of Roe v Wade has become on the brink of being overturned. Alabama passed a piece of legislation making it a felony to have an abortion, even if a child is raped. The focus shouldn’t be on the regression of women’s right, but instead on the insistent hatred of far right pro-lifers.

To understand why being pro-life is a hateful position, you have to understand what hate speech is. Hate speech is any speech, thought or idea that stands against liberal progressive values. Thoughts and ideas that are against basic human rights are akin to violence – and violence cannot be tolerated.

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For this reason, political activists from UC Riverside have banded together to form a petition to gather signature to officially recognize the pro-life movement as a hate group. You wouldn’t want anyone to be for slavery, would you? If you ran into someone who was for slavery or against the right to vote for people of color, you’d call that hate speech. Abortion is a constitutional and God-given right. Her body, her choice. Anyone who is against abortion should automatically be labelled and classified as the hateful bigot they are. Publicly.

Pro-life people are generally hateful, mean, and hate women. There are no women who are pro-life, only straight white rich greedy men who want to control women’s bodies. We need to classify anyone who is against abortion – any form of abortion, even third trimester crowning – as hateful and bigoted. There’s no room in our country for such violence.

  • Nancy Peloquin, 24, President of “Millennials Against Reproduction” UC Riverside

More and more millennials are standing up against the hateful stance of the pro-life position. If enough signatures are acquired – even signatures of people who don’t even live here – the pro-life movement will officially be banned in America. One can only hope.


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