Why America should adopt full on Sharia Law – equality for women

America can learn a lot from the Muslim world. So why aren't we adopting their progressive policies?

We can probably all agree by now that women are equal and deserve better treatment than men. It’s 2019 and America is still one of the worst countries for women and the vast majority of their obstacles and roadblocks are the direct result of the Trump administration and conservative policies. The truth is, America can learn a lot from Muslim and other Eastern countries.

This is why America should adopt full on Sharia Law. According to liberal arts majors from UC Santa Cruz, Sharia Law is an Islamic principal that preaches equality and respect for all genders. Under Sharia Law, women are free to express themselves how they wish. They are free to wear hijabs and burkas if they so choose. They would be paid what they deserve as opposed to 60 cents to ever dollar a man earns. They would be allowed freedom of choice over their bodies, who they choose to be with and who they choose to vote for.

Conservatives have a severely negative bias against Muslims and people from the middle east because their eastern cultural philosophies align more in tune with moral liberal policies than their own. Conservatives dislike Sharia Law because they dislike women rights – more specifically, the right to vote, the right to drive, their right to freedom and their constitutional right to an abortion. Since Sharia Law grants women all of these rights and freedoms, it’s no wonder why conservatives reject the wonders of that doctrine at every turn.

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This is why we need to vote blue no matter who. A vote for a democrat is one step closer to the US adopting full on Sharia Law. Diversity is our strength.


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