Trump Is Hiring Undocumented Immigrants To Work On Border Wall

Not only does “President” Donald Trump hate Mexicans and all brown people (as disclosed by his opening campaign speech in which his predominantly white audience cheered), he vowed to build a wall to keep any and all Mexicans out of the country.

After his failed attempt at getting Mexico to pay for the wall, he just silently signed an executive order to have the entire border wall constructed entirely from low wage undocumented immigrants.

Furthermore, Trump is ordering to have a concrete statue of himself placed along the border wall spaced a mile apart from coast to coast. This will be unbelievably expensive, but Trump doesn’t care about poor people. Since Mexico isn’t paying for the wall, it will come straight out of YOUR tax dollars. Not the rich upper class, but the lower and middle class.

It’s embarrassing to the country┬áthat Trump would speak out so adamantly about illegal immigration and work, yet have illegal immigrants building his wall… to keep illegal immigrants out of the country.

– Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico, Maine

The wall is expected to cost around 10 billion dollars. What a waste of money! That 10 billion dollars could provide free health care, free education, free public services, free food and free housing for everyone in the entire country for 500 years, yet Trump wants to squander all of that money on a stupid wall. Even though it will cost 10 billion dollars, it’s estimated to add an additional 40 trillion dollars to the US debt.

Trump is a failed business man applying his failed math and business sense to the country. It’s up to independent reliable journalists like us at TNFN Network to shed some light on the real issues. Please share to spread awareness.

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