Why the Declaration of Independence should be considered hate speech

And celebrating "Independence Day" is a form of hate speech as well.

When the Declaration of Independence was signed back on the 4th of July in 1776, the world changed forever. That day has been since celebrated as “Independence Day” with fireworks and festivities. However, it’s worth noting that the Declaration of Independence is actually a hateful nationalistic document with racist and bigoted origins. Because of this, that document – and text from it – should be considered hate speech by itself.

Let’s take a look at the reasoning for it’s existence. The founding fathers (sexist term) of America wrote this piece of nationalistic literature to separate themselves from the British. Nationalism is good now and it wasn’t good then. We need now, and have always needed, full-scale globalism. Any attempt to discredit this idea or refute it is hate speech.

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The founding fathers were white male land holding slave owners. They were not impressive, nor should they be honored in any way – especially since they wrote and signed the hateful declaration. No country founded on the hatred towards minorities or women should maintain their high status and reputation.

For this reason, July 4th or “Independence Day” is a racist and bigoted holiday and shouldn’t be celebrated. Instead of celebrating with traditional American festivities like fireworks and BBQs, you should protest in the streets for women’s rights and the rights of people of color. Nothing is more respectable than shouting at people and families attempting to milk this bigoted holiday for any fun they can squeeze out of it, by letting them know that America was founded on a racist document and it’s existence makes America a nation based on hate. You’re living on the left side of history now.


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