Abortion clinics to be opened by celebrities like Sarah Silverman and Alyssa Milano

Celebrities are taking action to supply flyover states and the under-privileged with abortion clinics.

Recent actions taken by several flyover states in the Midwest and the South have stunned and angered many celebrities/Twitter activists. Male-majority local governments are pushing through abortion bans and outright attacks on the female body. They have once again proven that the Trump administration has taken us back to the Mad Men era. However, some famous people have decided that, enough is enough, and they are going to do anything they can to help.

New abortion clinics are popping up all over the Alabama borders, where last week, a sweeping abortion ban was put into law. These clinics are somewhat different than the Planned Parenthood buildings we know and love, instead designed with warm, inviting lights, large picture windows, and most uniquely of all, famous celebrities on staff.

Twitter-activists like Sarah Silverman and Alyssa Milano are making special video appearances in oppressed states, calling for womyn everywhere not only to get abortions at the state-of-the-art facilities, but also to get pregnant just to have an abortion (a move some have considered controversial).

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Many womyn are calling this act of kindness “heroic and courageous,” and are coming in droves to see the new buildings under construction. One person who asked not to be named stated:

I cried when I heard what was happening here. When I came to see it, I cried again. My two-year-old daughter looked up at me and said, ‘Mama, why does Donald Trump want me to have a little brother? Doesn’t he know that over-population is causing mass-extinction?’ I told her that Sarah Silverman and Alyssa Milano had come to save us, and that we would finally be okay.

We heard stories like this all day on the construction sites. As we stood, watching the all-woman crew balancing on scaffolding and working together like a well-oiled machine, many of us wiped away tears and hugged, and we shared a moment knowing that these celebrity activists would be here for us long after the Trump regime had gone. And we felt a little safer.

Stay safe and fight back,


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Quinn Barton is a social activist and member of Boston Antifa since its inception in 2017. She spends most of her time as a freegan at local vegan restaurants and the rest at demos for social justice. During the hardest years of her life (the Trump election), Quinn discovered a passion for politics, which has since transcended into videography and writing for the esteemed Boston Antifa collaboration with Dustin Levitt, journalist advocate for Journalist Excellence Worldwide. This entire site is satire.

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