Tim Pool is a DANGEROUS hate agent who needs to be deplatformed

The case against Tim Pool

The alt-right suffered a serious setback with the most recent wave of Facebook’s ongoing ideological purge, which saw the Handsome Selfie Man Who Must Not Be Named permanently banned from both Facebook and Instagram along with Stormfront poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos.

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Yet the work of the Facebook Safety Teamsters is not yet complete. Those brave warriors of social justice and guardians of the DNC are already updating their hate agents list with the names of those politically unsuitable for participation in public discourse.

It should come as no surprise that Candace Owens’s name made this list, given the fact that she is a white supremacist whose racist Blexit campaign is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

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But there is one name that must not be overlooked. A man whose wrongthink is so egregious, his content so utterly offensive that YouTube had no choice but to demonitize many of his videos. A man who regularly engages in anti-journo hate speech, which the brave activist journalists at NPC Daily find utterly unforgivable.

That man is alt-right extremist Tim Pool, whose grey beanie is literally the new MAGA Hat.

Tim self identifies as a center-left liberal and claims to believe in “liberty” (an alt-right dog whistle) and fairness (which is a lie). Anyone who rejects the truly liberal principles of censorship and intersectionality is a hate agent who deserves to be deplatformed (and probably also arrested).

The case for deplatforming Tim Pool is as follows:

Tim Pool is a racist

• He has repeatedly indicated that “walls are racist” is not a sufficient argument against Trump’s border proposal.

• He has criticized the SPLC.

• He has continued to talk about memes even after Senator Schumer said, “Enough with the memes” and has spoken favorably of the racist and dehumanizing Greyface Trope.

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Tim Pool is a white supremacist

• He has spoken out against whites-free safe spaces for people of color.

• He has vehemently denounced anti-racist attempts to promote whites-free interracial dating.

• He identifies as biracial even though every good intersectionalist knows that Asians are just the other white people.

• He seeks to normalize white supremacist behavior such as being able to wear a MAGA hat in public without being violently attacked.

Tim Pool promotes fascism

• He has violently attacked brave antifash warriors with words while decrying the necessary use of force against the elderly, the disabled, and any non-comrade who happens to be standing in the immediate vicinity. (Or sitting in a wheelchair.)

• He has voiced respect for fellow white supremacist patriarch Andy Ngo, who recently took to Twitter to enlist help identifying the brave femxle fash basher who felt so threatened by his toxic masculinity that she was forced to spray him in the eyes with bear mace. (Andy’s tweets were violence.)

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Tim Pool promotes Nazism

He has consistently failed to denounce Donald Trump for being literally Hitler. Which makes Tim literally Hitler too.

Tim Pool promotes transphobia

• He believes in free speech for everyone, even TERFs.

He has interviewed Dr. Debra Soh (also a white supremacist).

He is a cis male.

Tim Pool hates the environment

He has criticized the Green New Deal as “complete and overt communism”. (It’s not communism. It’s Democratic Socialism.)

He has criticized social justice visionary and environmental mastermind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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Tim Pool hates justice

He has criticized the Green New Deal as “a socialist Trojan horse”. (It’s not socialism. It’s Democratic Socialism. That’s socialism with a smile.)

He has criticized social justice visionary and environmental mastermind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Tim Pool promotes misogyny

He has criticized social justice visionary and environmental mastermind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He believes in freedom of expression, even for TERFs and toxically-masculine cis males like Ben Shapiro.

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Tim Pool promotes Islamophobia

He has criticized United States Representative (and occasional NPC Daily contributor) Ilhan Omar.

Tim Pool promotes conspiracy theories

He promotes the alt-right conspiracy theory that Russiagate is a left-wing conspiracy theory.

He promotes the alt-right conspiracy theory that the mainstream media does not engage in responsible journalism.

He claims people are being “unfairly” censored on social media for having the wrong political opinions.

He claims #FakeMelania is real Melania.

Tim Pool encourages libertarians to be violent

You can tell by the following image that he is trying to start a civil war:

For these reasons and more (an anonymous source has suggested Tim may have masterminded the Jussie Smollett attack), NPC Daily urges Mark Zuckerberg to add Tim Pool to Facebook’s growing list of hate agents.

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