“I got a vasectomy to protest Alabama’s unconstitutional abortion laws” the bravery of the liberal left

Brave liberal men are vowing going to reasonably extreme lengths to protect a woman's right to choose

It’s her body, her choice – plain and simple. Alabama’s unconstitutional abortion laws are a violent assault on women. In fact, these laws are so abhorrent, anyone who voted for them would have grounds to be charged with sexual assault. This is why brave liberal men from progressive states are taking the nation by storm by voluntarily getting vasectomies to protest Alabama’s unfair law.

Jordan Matthews, a botanical psychology major from UC Santa Cruz, was so upset by Alabama’s assault on women that he was the first to sign up for a vasectomy procedure as a direct response.

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Since I am a man, I can’t have an opinion on abortion. I don’t want to control women’s bodies so instead, I’m doing what every man should do. I’m getting a vasectomy until Alabama’s unconstitutional abortion ban is lifted. If it stays in place for more than a year, I’ll remove my testicles entirely. I urge every other self-respecting man to do the same.

  • Jordan Matthews, 27, botanical psychology major, UC Santa Cruz

The bravery of the liberal left is astounding. Jordan Matthews was the first of hundreds of progressive men who are voluntarily altering their bodies for this cause. Why? If a woman is forced to change her body, it’s only right for a man to change his. We should strive for equality because diversity is our strength.

EDIT: It has come to our attention that we have assumed that only women could get pregnant. We fully acknowledge that men can get pregnant too. NPC Daily wholeheartedly apologizes to the LGBTQTHNSDDNTHNGWRNG community.


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