Hate Crimes

A comprehensive guide to right-wing hand gestures

Nazis are literally EVERYWHERE

Secret Nazi hand gestures are literally everywhere! At sporting events, during livestreams, in group photos and selfies — is no space safe?

While the “white power” symbol may be most familiar to progressives who get their news from credible media outlets like NBC and NPC Daily, there are indeed other hand signs white supremacists use to virtue signal their mainstream conservative values.

Don’t be fooled by conservatives and conservative apologists who refer to the white power symbol as the “okay” sign. Because what they really mean by this is, “It’s okay to be a white supremacist”. (No, it is literally NOT!!)

Nor should one pay any heed to the pathetic excuses of those who would claim they didn’t know what the 14 Words sign meant. They knew. If they used it, they knew.

But perhaps most offensive of all is the “Two Genders” signal. It is the ultimate symbol of hatred, transphobia, and genocide. Those who use it are literally erasing the other 310 genders — which is something Hitler would have done, had scientists known about all those other genders back whenever Hitler was alive.

Use of hand gestures that could potentially be construed as offensive is definitely not okay. And use of the white power sign (👌🏻) is literally not okay.

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We need stronger protective measures against silent hate speech. Thankfully, the Justice Democrats are reportedly drafting a bill to criminalize the use of sign language in public.

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To potential critics of this bill who would claim that it unfairly penalizes differently-abled individuals who rely on sign language to communicate, we ask: Who do you suppose came up with these bigoted hand gestures in the first place?

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