Tim Cook apologizes for creating racist OK hand gesture emoji – will be removed in next iOS update

Another progressive step in the right direction by the tech giant

If there’s one thing that Steve Jobs did not have the cultural foresight to implement in the advent of iPhones, it’s the exclusion of hate speech via emojis. Apple made the right move with changing out the gun emoji to a squirt gun emoji – which effectively lowered gun violence in America by racist white men by almost 70% alone – and the upside down burning American flag emoji which signified cultural enrichment. Apple knows that diversity is our strength.

Because of this fact, Apple is promising to remove the “OK” hand gesture emoji because it signifies white power and white supremacy. Capitalism is, at its core, coupled with racism and bigotry and hatred towards the poor. Those who use the OK hand gestures – even unknowingly – are taking part in hate speech.

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This is why Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple has announced the removal of the OK hand gesture emoji in the next upcoming iOS update.

We never intended to have symbols of white supremacy in our programs or in our code. As a company with progressive liberal values, we will always grow and evolve and learn new things. The racist emoji will be removed in the next update. I apologize on behalf of Apple for propagating this hate speech for far too long.

  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Tim Cook is a modern progressive who takes issues of diversity seriously. As we take the moral stance to move America to the socialist utopia our founding fathers foresaw, we look up to generous companies like Apple to lead the way.


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