It’s time to admit that Tim Pool is a Journophobic bigot who hates free speech

Tim Pool’s latest attack upon the free press

Tim Pool has once again demonstrated his hatred of the free press, taking to Twitter to deliver a series of spiteful, rambling, journophobic tweets.

As noted in NPC Daily reporter Jared Michelle’s stunningly-brave exposé on Tim Pool being a hate agent of the alt-right, Tim is a Russiagate denier, pushing the insane conspiracy theory that Russiagate is nothing more than an insane conspiracy theory, completely overlooking the fact that the Mueller investigation was clearly compromised by the Russians and that just because there is no evidence of Russian collusion doesn’t mean Russian collusion didn’t happen.

Yet it was with the following tweet that Tim truly crossed the line, having the audacity to compare a distinguished Vox reporter to that horrible, hateful, homobatrachophobic conspiracy man:

The NPC Daily intern who first discovered this tweet was so traumatized by the comparison that ze immediately locked zirself in the lady’s restroom, refusing to come out for the next twelve hours even after Quinn offered zir an armed Antifa escort to the company cry room.

This is Trump’s America, where right-wing fascists like Tim Pool are guaranteed a voice without having to worry about social media censorship. (Unlike the poor Krassenstein sisters.)

Tim went on to rant a bit more — something about an email server.

And as if this Twitter tirade weren’t enough, he later doubled down his attack upon responsible journalism in a YouTube video that was literally nothing more than twenty-one minutes of anti-journo hate speech.

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NPC Daily reached out to Dustin Levitt of Journalist Excellence Worldwide, a journalist advocacy group with which none of our reporters are in any way affiliated. Mr. Levitt has previously denounced Tim Pool’s vile, journophobic rhetoric and had this to say:

We’ve been watching Tim’s activities closely for quite some time. The fact that his content swinged from neutral to Nuremberg Rally justifies his long-time unapproved journalist status.

  • Dustin Levitt, approved journalist

Fox News and Timcast are alt-right Republican propaganda. Vox and NPC Daily are REAL journalism.

In response to Tim’s repeated and unabashed attacks against the most persecuted minority group on social media, Mr. Levitt will be meeting with Jack Dorsey to discuss the permanent suspension of @Timcast. Because the Internet will not be safe until Tim Pool’s deplatforming is complete.

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