Liberals are putting their heads in freezers to protest Trump’s immigration policies

New trend of progressive protest against racial injustice is taking the internet by storm.

If there’s one thing that liberals and progressives know best, it’s how to protest effectively and efficiently. Whether it be marching in the street, marching on the freeway, drinking soy milk or pouring water on themselves, discrimination and oppression is often fought ways that would make our forefathers proud.

Trump’s racist immigration policies have had so many negative effects ranging from the separation of families to locking children in cages to the suppression of voting from undocumented migrants. That’s why liberals across the nation are taking it upon themselves to protest Trump’s immigration policies by putting their heads in freezers.

Brave liberals from UC Santa Cruz have stepped up and defended their stunning and progressive moves.

I put my head in the freezer not as a form of self inflicted discomfort, but to show support for those who oppose Donald Trump and his racist regime. I encourage everyone else who disagrees with Trump’s bigotry to share a photo of themselves on social media with their head in a freezer.

  • Alytle Frosty, UC Santa Cruz – president of Liberal Truthers Club 

If conservatives feel the need to shout down minority groups and people who don’t think or look like them in the name of free speech, then liberals get to do the same in the form of their own protest. This new trend of protest is taking the internet by storm. If you want to stand up against racism and bigotry, stick your head in a freezer and take a picture. It’s the only way to effectively fight back against racial injustice.

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