Ilhan Omar drafts bill to outlaw merit-based immigration due to discrimination against Latinx migrants

Merit-based immigration is descriminatory against the Latinx community. Diversity is our strength.

Democratic Socialist congresswomxn Ilhan Omar is reportedly drafting a bill to outlaw merit-based immigration, which she insists places Latinxes at an unfair disadvantage.

First a Muslim ban, now a Latino ban. When will it end?

In a series of tweets that have since been deleted because powerful corporate Democrats apparently feel threatened by a Muslimx immigrant womxn of color, Ilhan explained what she called the “intersectional science” behind her position, sharing a number of vintage World War II portraits illustrating the physiological differences between races. We are unfortunately unable to reprint these, as our legal advisory team is not particularly well versed in German copyright law.

As one would expect, alt-right trolls accused the congresswomxn of spreading Antisemitic tropes.

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Ilhan bravely dismissed such threats upon her life, declaring that her critics — much like her corporate Democratic handlers — feel threatened by the words of a Muslimx womxn of color.

“The Jews will not silence me,” she managed to tweet only moments before her progressive handlers seized control of her account. “Open borders for Israel!”

So brave. So literally brave.

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