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College millennials are reporting PTSD from the weaponized “laughing face emoji” used by the alt-right

The "laughing face emoji" is abused by bigots and should be removed entirely

The alt-right and right wing extremists have found a way to weaponize and abuse many commonplace actions, items and words. Simply put, the alt-right needs to stop abusing their so-called “freedom of speech” to put others down. For more information on how the alt-right has hijacked a series of hand gestures to turn them racist and bigoted, see A comprehensive guide to right-wing hand gestures.

Not only are right wing conservatives generally and unjustifiably prejudiced, they have a tendency of laughing about it as well. They feel no guilt and no shame. In this sense, conservatives who use the “laughing emoji” unironically need to be addressed and asked to cease their bigoted behaviors.

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The reason for this is that there has been a growing number of millennial college students who have checked themselves in for therapy and counseling after seeing the laughing face emoji used against them. It’s a form of cyberbulling and must stop.

I feel unsafe when I see that emoji. I feel personally attacked. When my feelings are hurt, I equate that to physical violence. The violence caused by right wing extremists needs to end and it starts with banning the laughing face emoji. Nothing is worth laughing about if you’re constantly under attack by an oppressive ideology.

  • Susan Crankshaft, 21, UC Santa Cruz, Botanical Psychology Major

Mr. Crankshaft is one of hundreds if not thousands of individuals who are negatively impacted by this commonly used and routinely abused racist symbol of hate. The next time you see the laughing face emoji used as a response to someone’s pain, please inform them that their behavior is problematic and that your feelings are justifiably hurt. They must change their behaviors.

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